Recent projects

VANDERLEKconsultancy operates on a global level...

...providing project management and consultancy services to a large variety of industries

...supporting technically and scientifically challenging projects

Sodexo BV

Facility management (AMF)

Multidisciplinary Projects Building Installations



Multidisciplinary projects Building Installations & Safety


Distribution centre & assembly 35.000m2

PANalytical B.V.

Manufacturer of X-ray systems

Realisation of a new production facility for development and production of X-ray tubes including the transition to the new facility

Philips ETG-HTP

Manufacturer of hightech plastics

Layout and construction of new production facilities including clean rooms and production machinery (IJM)

The transfer and reintegration of staff and equipment to the new facility

General Electric Plastics B.V.

Manufacturer of plastics

Polycarbonate for CD production.

Realisation of a reactive extrusion system with in line melt filtration and on line viscosity control.